alias Mystery

  • Asun Niedersachsen
  • Synnyin 11.toukokuu
  • Ammattini on Pharmaziestudentin
  • Olen nicht Mistery
I'm Mystery, 19 years old girl and from Germany. I started reading Warriors in 2009 and joined Wikia in 2013. My favorite Warriors character is Dustpelt.
My main Wikia is the German Warrior Cats Wikia, as German is my mother tongue and I am a thread-moderator there.
In this Wikia I mainly add foreign book covers and interlanguage-links.
May StarClan light your path! ~Mystery


  • My talk page in this wiki
  • My talk page in the German wiki
  • Skype: mysterious.pfannkuchen
  • Discord: Mystery#5110
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